10 Amazing Benefits of Shorea Robusta

Have you been reading about how Shorea Robusta could prove to be the miracle cure for many of your ailments? Well, what you have been reading is true. It does have a lot many health benefits that can prove to be blessings to you.Shorea RobustaShorea Robusta, also known as Sal Tree or Shala, is a well-known tree that can be found all over India and the neighboring countries. This young-looking tree has a smooth bark with few furrows. Its leaves are ovate-oblong, and the tree has white flowers.

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Sal tree has religious significance in Buddhism and Hinduism, and is also used for therapeutic treatments.The resin of the Sal tree is applied externally in the form of a paste to treat painful swelling. Rala is a powerful astringent and is high in anti-microbial properties. These two important characteristics of Rala make it a wonder ingredient in herbal ointments. Rala helps cleanse wounds and expedites healing.

Bhagnasandhanakrut:Fractures are painful and can involve prolonged treatment and care. In this area, Bhagnasandhanakrut, another vital element in the Sal tree, is very effective in healing fractures in the body. Ayurveda uses this key element from the Sal tree to hasten cures for fractures and wounds with no side effects.

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Asra-Dagdharuk:Burns and wounds need quick remedies before they get worse. They are also painful, and Ayurveda recognises the importance of healing burns and wounds without visible scars. Asra-dagdharuk of the Sal tree carries the unique property of healing burns and wounds like magic. Ayurveda relies on this vital element in its medicine for effective cures for burns and wounds.

Vishaha:In this day and age with stress levels high and pollution all around, our bodies have become a hot spot for germs to invade. If immunity is low, infections can easily set in the body. Vishaha, the element in the Sal tree, is well known for its anti-toxic properties and may just be what the doctor ordered to help flush out toxins from the body and clear the body of infections. This element forms a key ingredient of many Ayurvedic medicines to cure infections.

Vranashodhana:This element in the Sal tree acts like a quick cleanser and heals wounds. It works well to repair skin cells. No wonder it finds a place of pride in Ayurvedic medicine, which stresses on the importance of healing wounds in minimal time.

Grahi:Ayurveda has a cure for almost all ailments and the Sal tree or Shorea Robusta is well endowed with cures for many diseases. Grahi, another vital element in the Sal tree, is famous for its absorbent properties and has been found to be successful in treating severe diarrhoea.

Karnarogahara:Ear infections and other disorders of the ear can be nagging and extremely painful. In some cases, they can even disrupt normal life. Ayurvedic science has found that an important element in the Sal tree, Karnarogahara, can cure ear infections and relieve many ear disorders. Therefore, Karnarogahara is used to cure ear disorders and hence, Shorea Robusta goes a long way in helping in getting rid of ear infections and disorders.

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Badhiryahara:Here comes another effective Shorea Robusta medicinal use! Sal tree is found to be a way to treat deafness. Many forms of ear ailments also find an effective cure with medicines containing Badhiryahara.

Svedahara:Bad body odor due to excessive sweating can be a turn-off. Victims of bad body odor suffer from low self-esteem and battle other psychological issues. Ayurvedic medicine has a solution for this problem, and Shorea Robusta rises to the occasion to offer a cure for this problem. An excellent tool to decrease excessive sweating, Svedahara is used as an effective deodorant.

Sphotahara And Kandunashana:If you are looking for a cure for itching, Ayurvedic medicine offers an excellent remedy without side effects. Shorea Robusta has a key element called Sphotahara & Kandunashana which can provide relief from severe itching. Boils also have a way of disappearing with medicine containing these two elements.

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