20 Health benefits of Ayurvedic Herb – Nirgundi

Nirgundi is a herb, having quite a similar look as Basil. It is an Ayurvedic herb with numerous health benefits in it. Many of us are still unaware of it. Let us see the health benefits of Nirgundi.In Ayurveda, Nirgundi/Five leaved chaste is an extraordinary and miraculous herb. The power and efficacy of the herb are also described in the books of Charaka Samhita.

Appearance of Five leaved chaste: It is 6-12 ft tall, multibranch bushy plant covered with very fine hairs. The bark of stem is thin and the leaf stalk is long and 3-5 leaves grow at its tip.

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The edges of the leaves are plain or serrated. It bears small flowers, in 2-3 inch long inflorescence and is blue or white in color with the purple tint. The fruits are small, round and of mixed color; white and black. The bark of the root is green outside and yellow inside.

Where are the plants found? Wild plants of Nirgundi are found almost everywhere. When its leaves are crushed, they emit a typically foul smell. Based on flower types, there are two varieties of this plant- blue and white-flowered. Blue flowered plant is called Nirgudi and a white-flowered plant is called Siduwar.

Properties of Five leaved chaste plant: It suppresses Kapha, Vata, alleviates vata and relieves pain. It is a very famous medicinal herb for vata related problems.

It enhances intellect. It is anthelmintic and kills worms and micro organisms. It promotes digestion, stimulates liver and cures bronchial asthma. It is antipyretic and especially cures high fever. It also promotes physical strength and cures eyes and nose related problems.

Health benefits of Nirgundi herb:

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  1. Treats mental disorders-
  • Give 2-4 gm powder of its fruits, 2-3 times a day.
  • It cures disorders of nasal passages and mind.
  1. Helpful in Throatache-
  • Use the decoction of Nirgundi for gargles.
  • It cures all the throat and mouth related disorders.
  • In case of sourness and swelling of the throat, mix its oil in slightly warm water and add some salt to it.
  • Use this water for gargle.
  • It cures the throat problems.
  1. For Ear problems-
  • In case of pus in ear, put 1-2 drops of nirgundi medicated oil, mixed with honey in ears.
  • It treats very soon and effectively.
  1. Cures chronic rhinitis-
  • Boil its 10 gm leaves in 100 ml water and give it to the patient, every morning and evening.
  • It cures fever and chronic rhinitis effectively.
  1. Treats Liver disorders-

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  • In liver enlargement, give 2 gm powder of Nirgund with 1 gm black myrobalan and 10 mg cow’s urine.
  • Or, give 2 gm Nirgundi powder with 500 mg black kutki and 500 mg rasot, twice a day.
  1. Cures Headache–
  • Grind its leaves and prepare cake of the paste and tie it on ear lobes.
  • It cures headache.
  1. Enhance digestion power-
  • Give 10 ml juice of its leaves with 2 black peppers and Ajwowan, twice a day.
  • It enhances the digestion power and relieves stomach pain.
  • It is also good for swelling in stomach caused by indigestion or accumulation of wind and stomach pain.
  1. For Eased delivery-
  • Grind its leaves and apply the paste on stomach, abdomen and vaginal area.
  • It results in easy delivery.

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  1. Regains Good health-
  • Give 10-20 gm of ghee medicated by the juice of its root, fruits and leaves regularly.
  • It helps to regain good health and also increases appetite.
  1. Increases Sexual vigour-
  • Grind 40 gm each of root of Nirgundi and dry ginger powder.
  • Prepare 8 doses of it.
  • Give 1 dose daily with milk.
  • It improves the sexual potency of the person.
  1. For Long life/Enhanced immunity-
  • Cook 1 liter of Nirgundi juice in low heat, till it becomes thick like jaggery syrup.
  • Store it in air tight container and give this regularly 2 teaspoon, for 3 months.
  • Within 3 months of usage, the patient regains youthfulness and long life.
  • It also cleanse asthma, tuberculosis and other respiratory diseases.
  1. Aids in Slipped discs-
  • Give 5 gm powder of its bark or give 20 gm decoction of its leaves.
  • You can prepare the decoction by cooking the leaves, on low flame thrice a day.
  1. Treatment for Fever-
    • In case of fever due to severe cold and pneumonia, massage its oil.
    • You can make the oil more effective by mixing ajowan and 1-2 garlic buds in it.
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  1. Helpful in General weakness-
  • Massage of its oil is very beneficial in general weakness and problem of legs.
  1. Helpful in Filariasis-
  • Grind thorn apple, castor oil plant’s root, spreading hogweed, bark of drumstick plant and mustard.
  • Form a paste of it and apply on the affected area.
  • It cures even the chronic elephantiasis and filariasis.
  1. Useful in Goitre-
  • Grind its leaves to form juice.
  • Give 10-20 gm of this juice every morning and evening.
  • Anti Dandruff Shampoo 1 literAlso give warmth with its leaves.
  • It is beneficial in curing goitre.


  1. Relieves Tumour-
  • Heat its leaves and tie on the tumour.
  • It dissolves the tumour.
  1. Treats Wounds-
  • Apply the medicated oil of its root and leaves.
  • It cures ulcers, scabies, itching and all kinds of wounds.
  1. For Flaky dry skin-
  • During winters, our skin gets flaky and dry. In this one can use the oil.
  • On a daily basis, apply this oil on the overall body and face.
  • It makes your skin soft and youthful.
  1. Aids in Tetanus-
  • Give 3-5 gm of its juice with honey, thrice a day.
  • It cures tetanus effectively.
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Source: The Ayurway

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