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Bleach myths busted

Facial hair can make you reach out for the first bleach on the shelf. Experts, however, bust a few myths around it

How many times have you bleached your face and ended up with acne, rashes or pigmentation marks on your face? There are many people who don’t know much about bleaching, and they either go wrong with it or end up with rashes on the face. Here’s why you should know some truths behind the jar of cream that promises to lighten your complexion.

Bleaching is safe

This is not true. Whether you are bleaching your face or your body, bleach contains sodium hypochlorite which causes a chemical reaction, this leads to breakouts on the skin. One must also be careful about the products being used post bleaching. Exposure to sunlight right after bleach causes skin irritation and pigmentation.

Patch test is optional

Skin bleaching does not only cause allergic reaction, but can also cause permanent white spots on your skin. Thus a patch test is a must on your arm or behind the ear.

Bleaching causes hair to grow longer

This is not true. Hair growth occurs at the hair root level, which is under the skin. So, it’s impossible for facial bleach to cause hair to grow longer as it works on the skin and not under the skin.

It makes your skin fairer

Facial bleach makes your skin appear fairer, but it only works on your hair and not the skin. The illusion of fairness after bleach can be seen only on people who have wheatish complexion. Moreover, these creams can only help you get rid of the tan, pigmentation marks and blemishes but not change your skin’s colour.

Bleach creams are all the same

All the creams are not the same. If you look at the ingredients you will find that the newer ones are graded according to skin colour. They also contain moisturising oils which lessen skin irritation.

The effect is permanent

The effect of bleach is temporary. Your skin is a dynamic organ and gets affected by internal factors like nutrition, hormones and external factors like pollution, smoking, sun exposure etc. Thus it only works for a short duration of time. According to beauty artiste Shahnaz Husain, bleaching is not the only alternative to achieving a clear, smooth complexion. She says, “There are various side effects of bleaching because it involves using chemical-based ingredients. To avoid any skin problems, use home-based ingredients that will keep your skin glowing and will improve your complexion as well.”

The skin bleaching cream for lightening facial hair contains a cream and an activator. They contain harsh chemicals like hydrogen peroxide, sodium hypochlorite, calcium hypochlorite, sodium percarbonate, sodium, dithionite etc. which in due course of time makes your skin susceptible to pigmentation.

Natural alternatives to bleach

Saffron: Take a few strands of saffron and add them to warm milk. Let it stand for a couple of hours. Apply it on your skin using a cotton wool. This is said to lighten your skin over a period of time.

Turmeric and yogurt: Make a thick paste using turmeric and yogurt, keep it on for half an hour and wash it off with cold water.

Besan: Remember when you were young how your grandmother would apply besan on your body to reduce hair growth? Well a thick besan pack ensures that your hair growth is visibly reduced over a period of time and you attain a smooth, clear complexion.

Tomato: This is a natural bleaching ingredient. Cut a tomato into half and rub it on your face on an everyday basis. Keep it for sometime and wash it off. Your skin will become lighter.


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