This is what corporates need to do for women empowerment

It’s 2020 and if we are still talking about women empowerment as something extraordinary then we need to ask ourselves, will women in India or anywhere in the world would be considered as an equal to the male counterparts or women would still have to fight a long battle for being accepted as naturally equal human beings to her male counterparts?

India has been a land where people can starve themselves for days only to worship the goddesses but, when it comes to valuing and respecting womanhood in reality, we are a country that holds the title of being one of the most dangerous countries for women. 

This hypocrisy has been embedded in the history of Indian culture; social evils like female foeticide, sati, sexual trafficking, rape, dowry deaths have been very much part of the Indian society. Though we have entered the 2020’s with legal rights to women in property, education and jobs yet something is missing when it comes to women being fully empowered. 

What does women empowerment mean?

Women empowerment is a part of the feminist movement by which women have gained for themselves socio, economic, political and cultural rights. Women empowerment in specific is the movement through which women have gained economic power by getting the right to control and benefit from the resources, assets, income at their will and time so that they can decide and plan their future independently. 

Women in India may not be completely independent but it would be unfair to say that they have not made any progress or aren’t independent. it is important to highlight that to reach here and make a name for themselves in this male-dominated world women have struggled consistently and are still fighting a movement of equality which is no less than breaking a mountain. Thus, it is important to discuss that while India is aiming to become a superpower self-reliant country with a vision to be a trillion-dollar economy are we still going to treat women as inferior to the men? Are we still not going to take women empowerment as a natural way of life? These questions need to be answered urgently and explicitly so that Indian women can live as truly empowered women.

What does the women empowerment movement need the most in current times?


In India only, 60% of women are getting educated whereas remaining women are either dropping off from school because of societal pressures or family pressure. We need to understand that educating women becomes integral not only for her but also for society as one woman can change the destiny of her following generations that shall directly result in more educated citizens of the country. Initiatives like Beti Bachao aur Beti padhao and Mahila- E-Haat are the need of the hour through which efforts can be made to educate every girl child.


 It's high time that women are given the due credit of managing million dollar companies; today she can be a CEO of a company where she manages thousands of employees along with her house without any hassles just like the men do. Examples like Indray Nooyi (Former CEO, PepsiCo), Richa Kar (CEO, Zivame) and Vani Kola (Founder and CEO of Kalaari Capital) have proved that women can be efficient leaders and long boardroom meetings do not bore them at all, they too can brainstorm and handle the corporate pressure just like their male counterparts. 


As a developing country with a booming industry, there is no doubt that India needs an efficient and huge workforce, therefore, it gets important that women are involved as an integral part of the workforce, as the more workforce the more productivity for the country. Women must be given equal opportunities in employment sectors so that they can make their future secured as well make the country's future better and stronger. 


The biggest challenge women are facing is the disparity between the pay scale of men and women. It has been observed that in many public and private sectors, women are being paid less than their male colleagues for the same position. Therefore, looking at the dynamics of the world where power is equated with whose salary check is bigger it gets important that women are given equal pay as to the men employees so that they can also live a life with head held high.


It is a sad affair to see that many times women do not get hired because they are women but it is more disappointing to see that women are treated as easy targets to be violated in offices. Therefore, keeping in mind the guidelines defined in Vishakha v State of Rajasthan, it is important that all workplaces strictly condemn any kind of harassment towards women, regular workshops are held to make people aware about zero tolerance to sexual harassment and if anyone is found guilty of such heinous acts they should be punished accordingly and by the law. 


It is not an uncommon fact that crimes against women in India are growing every single day and getting heinous day by day. Incidences of eve-teasing or gang rapes are rising making it difficult for Indian women to step out of their house because of safety concerns. Therefore, it is time that society accepts that women can excel in different fields, they can have their opinion and choose the kind of lifestyle they want to live. Her independence should not be seen as a license to rape her or kill her.

Thus, as an effort to embrace women empowerment in its truest essence, Aaryanveda has been determined to empower women by supporting them to stand on their feet. During the lockdown, we had reached out to beauty advisors in many parts of India who were struggling financially to support themselves thus, taking it as our moral responsibility we extended them our support by employing them at Aaryanveda because we truly believe that women have strength and brilliance in them but all they require is a right opportunity to feel and believe as empowered and existing.

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