Cleansing Milk – The Best Moisturizer for Oily & Dry Skin

There is nothing that makes a person lose the wit as much as spotting dry patches on the cheeks especially after a tiring day at work. Flaky, patchy skin is never cute. We all demand pearl smooth skin. However, by any chance, do you feel that skincare gods are always determined to leave you with various options to choose from when it comes to attaining spotless skin?


Well, if you answered the above question as YES, then cleansing milk is a reliable choice.

Cleansing milk oscillates between a cream cleanser and a moisturizer. Its moisturizing nature works perfectly for a dry skin leaving it hydrated. Moreover, when it comes to removing makeup, cleansing milk comes handy. It helps in getting rid of dust and dirt from the face while keeping the skin plush and soft. Thereby, both your dry zone and soft cheek beauty remain happy!


Cleansing milk from multiple brands are available in the market, but you have to find out the right one. The one which strikes the right balance between creaminess and the cleansing/foaming. You don’t need an oily cleanser which will leave your skin greasy after wiping the cream off. Moreover, you don’t need much of a surfactant for the cleansing as the cleanser should not make foam like a shampoo. Gentle foam at the time of rinsing would suffice. As you know, oil and foam are antagonists. So, more the oil content, less the foam you’ll have in the product.


Aryanveda provides with one such perfect cleansing milk. It has been formulated especially for the dry skin. Cleansing milk from Aryanveda is easy to apply, and it is non-greasy. Enriched with cucumber, melon, sweet cherry, it leaves your face smooth and refreshed. It is a white, thin cream containing water, fat, proteins, aloe vera extract, and excellent cleansing properties. It is gentle on the skin and leaves the dry skin moist and happy.


You can massage it around your face and slightly down the neck after taking a shower at night. It will hydrate your skin while removing the leftover simultaneously. It can be a perfect substitute for your makeup removal as well. Rub all over your face until makeup breaks down and wipe the rest using cotton balls or tissues. It is a hydrating cleanser for your dry skin. Therefore, you can apply it as a mask and leave for 5-10 minutes, then clean it and say goodbye to the dry skin.


You can grab the cleansing milk online from Aryanveda is an excellent skin care, hair care, and body care ayurvedic products retailer.