Anti Acnend Cream 50ml

Rs. 320 Rs. 375

Aryanveda Anti Acne Cream is a completely natural solution to fight those stubborn pimples and dark spots. The cream is enriched with SEPICONTROL A5 which is known for restoring the balance of acne-prone oily skin by reducing the number of blackheads and the sebum level. An ample amount of SEPICALM LEAFS assures a curb in the irritation level and aids in soothing your skin. To top it all, the cream has an abundance of Neem Extract and uses its antifungal and anti-bacterial properties to keep the harmful bacteria and fungi at bay. Thus, it protects the skin and keeps the skin related diseases away.


Benefits : 

  • Enhances natural glow
  • Reduces scars and pimples
  • Balances the skin oil level
  • Diminishes dark circles

Aryanveda unfolds an exhaustive range of innovative, high-quality need-specified Skin, Hair and Body care products. The wide range includes Face care, Hair care and body products, gel or facial cleanser, lotions and many other cosmetic and health and beauty products. It is not a surprise that Aryanveda range of products has received an overwhelming response of its customers for high standards of quality and assured results.


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