Anti Blemishend Cream 50ml

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Acne blemishes can be treated with various products but each product is interlinked and you should know the proper series before you start experimenting with your skin. Pick up the best suited face wash, cleanser and then day and night creams that you need to use on your face. Do not change them during your treatment of acne blemishes. The Anti-Blemish Cream Aryanveda Blemishend Cream available in 50 g pack is the best solution fulfilling your need of having bright, clear, and glowing skin.

Aryanveda Blemishend Cream - the Right Face Cream

Firstly, choose the face wash that suits your skin type. If you have an oily or sensitive skin then pick a face wash that reduces oil formation on the skin. 

Most of the people suffering with oily skin wake in the morning with oil around the T-area of their face. This area is mostly the forehead, nose, and the area between the lower lip and the chin. 

Benefits of Aryanveda Blemishend Cream

  • It brightens skin tone
  • Reduces pimples or acnes
  • It lightens pigmentation spots
  • Lightens blemishes and deep cleanses skin pores
  • Removes toxins and injurious pollutants
  • Helps in removing Blackheads and Whiteheads

Direction to Use

  • You should wash your face at least three times a day with your chosen face wash and pat dry. 
  • Always try to use a fresh disposable napkin/towel to reduce infection. 
  • After you dry out the skin, apply the topical ointment or gel to prevent your skin from dust or heat. 
  • If you have to go out to work, apply your day cream with SPF. It will help prevent further pigmentation of the skin.

Expert Advice

  • One of the important things to remember in your acne blemish treatments is consistency. 
  • Do not be fooled by products that promise miracles in three days or overnight magic. If you are consistent and persistent in using your anti-blemishing products, you will be easily able to reduce your blemishes on permanent basis.
  • Using the right kind of ointment or gel is equally important in acne blemish treatments. If you have oily skin, preferably use a topical gel to have oil free skin.
  • Similarly, your day and night cream should also be oil-free.
  • Always purchase the products like Aryanveda Blemishend Cream which is not only a very proven product for the problem such as blemishes but also sooths your skin. 
  • With the use of De pigmentation and anti-blemish cream, the skin looks vivacious and free from liver spots, freckles, sun spot, age spots, hyper pigmentation due to sun exposure, hormonal disorders or irritation. 
  • Use a little moisturizer with your SPF cream if you have a dry skin to give a natural look and prevent formation of black heads.


Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge).

Prakruti is determined by three "bodily energies" called doshas, Manyam told Live Science. There are three basic doshas, and though everyone has some features of each, most people have one or two that predominate. These are - Pitta (energy linked to fire), Vata (energy associated with air and space), and Kapha (energy linked to earth and water). Some researchers who study Ayurveda believe that understanding a patient's doshas — and in turn, his or her prakruti — can help determine that patient's risk of developing certain diseases or health conditions.

About Aryanveda

Aryanveda established their name in the market along with their skin, hair, and body care products. They pack all their products with high standards of quality and assured results. 

All the company products are tested first and then they are prepared under strict observation and quality checks. Their excellent cosmetic products are manufactured with the best elements and herbs from nature and they are known for their natural healthcare products. 

The distinguished team of Aryanveda combines the inventions of cosmetic science with the ancient herbal secrets so as to deliver skin and body care products that are of global standards. 


Aryanveda products are preferred for the natural ingredients and the outstanding results derived on using them as per the instructions.

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