Hair Tonic 100ml

Rs. 385 Rs. 450

100% Organic Moroccan Argan

Hair Tonic Benefits

  • Nourishment for Hair

  • Dryness of Scalp

  • Frizzy and Brittle Hair

  • Beauty of Hair

  • Lustre and Volume to Hair

  • Strength of Hair

  • Frizzy Hair

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Buy Best Organic Moroccan Argan Hair Tonic at Affordable Price

The all new Moroccan Argan Hair Tonic is an ideal nourishment and health booster for your hair. It is an amazing therapeutic blend of Certified Organic Botanicals that stimulates blood flow as it exfoliates the scalp. It is enriched with the proven goodness of Alariane AD, Oligogeline and other natural dry extracts. Alariane AD has immaculate botanical properties to protect hair fibers from external aggressions coming from weather or different stresses like pollution and harmful UV rays. The presence of amino acids in Alariane AD helps reinforce the hair and straightens the hair roots. Also, the presence of oligogeline improves hydration and mineralization of tissues. Arganic Hair Tonic.

Protects and Repair hair fibers.
Helps control premature falling & thinning due to seasonal allergies & irritation.
Straightens hair.
Soft and Shiny radiant hair.
Natural Conditioner.
Boosts Hair Health.

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