Key Benefits of the Marine Pack – Face Masks

During the professional facial, the facial mask is applied after cleansing, skin analysis, exfoliation, extraction, and massage. Facial mask treats your particular skin type or condition, whether it’s dry, dehydrated, sensitive, red or oily.

Facial mask generally stays on your skin for about 10-15 minutes and contain ingredients like clay, black moor mud, aloe vera, seaweed, algae, essential oils, massage oils, herbs, and vitamins. This marine pack helps skin to find optimal oil balance.

Before applying to wash your skin and pat it dry. It replenishes the skin of its natural essential body minerals from the sea. Marine and algae act as “penetration enhances” that allows natural essentials body minerals to readily permeate the skin.

The most important thing about these marine pack algae extracts act as penetration enhancers that allow natural essential body minerals to readily permeate the skin. It can be used by anybody whether men or women as it is made for unisex use. It is paraben-free and is in the form of the gel. No matter whether your skin is dry, oily or normal the product can be used by anyone for all skin types.

How to Apply the Marine Face Pack?

Clean your face with mild soap and then pat dry it. Apply a thick layer of the Marine face pack all over your face, avoiding the eye area and leave it on the face for about 10-15 minutes for optimum results. Rinse off with abundant clean water. You will find clean glowing skin. It is used for replenishing and rejuvenation and skin hydration of the skin.

The main ingredient is minerals from the sea, sea algae extract, lemongrass, and rose water. For the best outcomes, you can use it two times a week. The Marine Pack helps in healthful skin and gives it not only the natural but also the healthy glow.  You can ideally use it once a week all over your face for best results.

The main ingredients of the mask are as follows:

1. Algae

  • Marine Pack 100gm

    Marine Pack 100gm

Algae can provide a broad range of advantage that can contribute to younger and healthier looking skin. Algae and seaweed are fantastic for hydrating, revitalizing and toning the skin and can also help to reduce or fully eliminate problems with acne, cellulite, and even wrinkles. Algae improve the elasticity. When used with purifying, marine-based body treatment, it detoxifies the body while restoring skin tone and vitality is drawn out as a toxin and it delivers essential minerals to the skin.


2. Lemon 


Lemons can be easily available from the citrus fruits which are rich in vitamin C, vitamin B, phosphorus, and carbohydrates. The fruit acids are good for skin and are very productive in enhancing your beauty.


3. Rose


Women have been using rose petals since centuries to soothe their mind and body. In fact, it is said that ancient Greek and Romans used rose petals to perfume their baths. Let’s look at its beauty benefits like how to include rose water, rose petals in your skin, and hair routine.
Rose water is considered as a natural toner for your skin. Take a swab of cotton which is properly dipped in rose water this will help you to remove dirt and makeup from your face smoothly.

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