Basic Kits

  • Aqua Cool Mint Kit 510gm

    Rs.1,900.00 Rs.1,710.00

    Aryanveda Aqua cool mint kit is ideal to rub a cool look on your face. Its aqua based formula takes away dehydration and makes your skin waft with fresh look other body cleansing components.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Banana Vitamin boost Kit 510gm

    Rs.1,270.00 Rs.1,143.00

    Aryanveda Banana Vitamin boost Kit fosters the blood circulation and promotes growth of new skin cells which makes your skin look shining from outside and healthy from inside.

    HSN CODE: 3304.99.10

  • Chocolate Moisturising Kit 510gm


    Aryanveda Chocolate Moisturising Kit on your skin and feel like swimming in a coffee cup. Presence of Cocoa butter and other oils treats your skin gently and makes it soft, supple and sensual.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • D’ Vine Detoxifying Kit 510gm

    Rs.2,260.00 Rs.2,034.00

    Aryanveda’s d’vine Kit is liquefied with the bliss of Nano technology, grapes, raspberry and other herbal actives that combat the skin irritants, control the itching sensation on skin and tighten the skin pores.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Glow Fruit Exfoliation Kit 260gm

    Rs.700.00 Rs.630.00

    Aryanveda Glow Fruit Exfoliation Kit is enriched with the natural properties of fruits and other botanical extracts that combats melanin, wipes off dehydration from skin , immaculately exfoliate, cleanses and enhances the glow of your skin.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Papaya Enzymes Kit 510gm

    Rs.1,270.00 Rs.1,143.00

    Aryanveda Papaya Enzymes Kit exfoliates and cleanses your skin deep, detoxifies your skin off skin blemishes and accelerates the healing process. Its natural goodness enhances the glow of your skin without any side effects and improves your skin tone in no time.

    HSN CODE : – 3003.90.11