Metallic Kits

  • 24 K Gold Skin Vitality Kit 510gm

    Rs.2,350.00 Rs.2,115.00

    Aryanveda 24 K Gold Skin Vitality Kit are the most loved beauty treatments that women would love to go for. Whether it is party, wedding or a function skin bleaching is the quick way to give instant fairness and glow to the skin.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Diamond Skin Polishing Kit 510gm

    Rs.2,440.00 Rs.2,196.00

    Aryanveda Diamond Skin Polishing Kit cleanses the skin from deep. Presence of diamond dust treats the skin blemishes and wipe off skin impurities. The beneficial properties of diamond cleanser repairs the skin for further treatment.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Pearl Skin soothing Kit 510gm

    Rs.1,900.00 Rs.1,710.00

    Aryanveda Pearl Skin soothing Kit nourishes the skin with amino acids and calcium absorbs excess of oil present in pores.It calms the skin and heals the damaged skin tissue.

    HSN CODE : – 3003.90.11

  • Platinum Skin Energising Kit 170gm

    Rs.2,440.00 Rs.2,196.00

    Aryanveda’s Platinum Kit with Nano technology and other natural actives, it wipes off the stress marks, repairs the damage caused by skin irritants present in environment and helps reduce pigmentation.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Silver Skin Healing Kit 510gm

    Rs.1,270.00 Rs.1,143.00

    Aryanveda Silver Skin Healing Kit penetrates deep into skin and takes out skin impurities while preparing the skin for further skin treatment. The natural goodness of silver gently massages the skin and surfaces a beautiful skin.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10