Spa Facial

  • Aqua Cool Spa Facial – 210gm


    Aryanveda Aqua Cool Spa Facial cleanses the skin pores, removes dry and dehydrated layers by deeply penetrating in the skin. It removes excess sebum and gives natural sheen to the skin, resulting in a natural and cool feeling.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Banana Spa Facial 210gm

    Rs.550.00 Rs.495.00

    Aryanveda Banana Spa Facial is an ultimate skin nourisher and revitalizer, enriched with Banana Extracts and botanical extracts. It has gentle fragrance that makes your cleansing experience more delightful while giving health and vitality to skin.

    HSN CODE: – 3003.90.11

  • Chocolate Spa Facial 210gm

    Rs.550.00 Rs.495.00

    Aryanveda Chocolate Spa Facial on your skin and feel like swimming in a coffee cup. Presence of Cocoa butter and other oils treats your skin gently and makes it soft, supple and sensual.

    HSN CODE: – 3304.99.10

  • Diamond Spa Facial 210gm

    Rs.730.00 Rs.657.00

    Aryanveda Diamond Spa Facial cleanses the skin from deep. Presence of diamond dust treats the skin blemishes and wipe off skin impurities. The beneficial properties of diamond cleanser repairs the skin for further treatment.

    HSN CODE : – 3304.99.10

  • Fairness Spa Facial 210gm

    Rs.550.00 Rs.495.00

    Aryanveda Fairness Spa Facial leaves the skin clean and prepares it for further skin applications.How to use: Apply generously on your face and neck in circular motion. Wash it off or remove with moist cotton or wool.

    HSN CODE : – 3003.90.11

  • Fruit Spa Facial 210gm


    The magic of Aryanveda Fruit Spa Facial cast a spell on your face while cleansing skin, regulating pigmentation & controlling minor skin disorders. Having natural enzymes..

    HSN CODE :- 3003.90.11

  • Gold Spa Facial 210gm

    Rs.622.00 Rs.560.00

    Aryanveda Gold Spa Facial is fully loaded with gold dust and botanical to cast a golden magic on your face. The natural goodness of gold gently cleanses the skin.

    HSN CODE :- 3003.90.11

  • Papaya spa Facial – 210gm

    Rs.550.00 Rs.495.00

    Aryanveda Papaya spa Facial has a unique combination of papaya extracts and other beauty essentials that wash away layer of dark skin formed due pollution and dust particles and you find you’re looking new and refreshed.

    HSN CODE :- 3003.90.11