Blemishend Sleeping Mask

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The most unique and comfortable way to get rid of skin blemishes. Aryanveda Blemishend® Sleeping Mask in light cream form is ideally designed to end skin blemishes when your skin is at rest and gets maximum time to repair the skin damages. It cast its magic and take away the nightmarish spots like sun-burn marks, liver spots, pigmentation spots, skin freckles and such other skin blemishes without causing any harm. This perfectly formulated Blemishend® Sleeping mask boxes the miraculous benefits of b-ARBUTIN, PATENTED AMINO ACID & NIACINAMIDE.

β-ARBUTIN inhibits the formation of melanin by inhibiting tyrosinase activity and prevents skin ageing. NIACINAMIDE stimulates the skin rejuvenation process and unveils a glowing skin without having any skin blemishes. To top it all, it all happens when you are sleeping, thus no time waste or wait!

β–ARBUTIN – The antioxidant activity of   β-Arbutin protects the skin against damage caused by free radicals and hence lightens age spots.

NIACINAMIDE – Stimulates micro – circulation in the dermis and prevents the skin from losing water. Thus improving skin texture and radiance.

PATENTED AMINO ACID – Controls the formation and dispersion of melanin, acting as a catalyst to lighten, repair and prevents sun – spots, age-spots and hyper pigmentation due to sun exposure, hormonal disorders or irritation and unveils a glowing radiant complexion.


  • The skin looks vivacious and free from liver spots, freckles, sun spot, age spots, hyperpigmentation due to sun exposure, hormonal disorders or irritation.
  • The antioxidant activity tightens the skin pores by removing wrinkles and unveils a younger skin.
  • It prevents the skin from losing water and moisturizes the skin for fairer complexion.
  • Provides instant naturalfairness/brightening effect and has smoothing properties for both young and mature skin.

HOW TO USE : Apply evenly on your face, neck or any other exposed body parts at night. Rinse off in the morning fresh water.