Tanend Bleach 40gm

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The tanned bleach cream provides an anti-tanning effect on the skin and being made up of natural ingredients, the product becomes very effective in nature. With the goodness of Aloe Vera, saffron and milk, the tanned bleach cream is just ideal for efficiently eliminating the tan from the skin and necessarily provides the skin with an instant glow. 

Product Features 

  • The tanned bleach cream cleans the skin effectively and also exfoliates the skin by the removal of the dead cells which helps in the creation of glowing effect on skin. 
  • The bleach cream readily helps in the removal of tan and most importantly the results starts to show off almost immediately after the first use and gets even better with regular use.
  • A bleach cream with milk and honey
  • The product plays a vital role in bleaching the facial hair for the purpose of matching with the tone of the skin just perfectly.
  • The bleach cream is perfect to be used on sensitive skin and hence the ones having sensitive can use the bleach without hesitating even a bit. 
  • The use of the product creates a light intoxicating action thereby helping in the purification of the skin.  

Ingredients Used

There are four main ingredients used in the Aryanveda Tanned Bleach Cream which are as listed below:

  • Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is quite soothing to the skin and there are just no skin issues which the ingredient cannot help with. Being a wonder ingredient it is highly beneficial for the skin in almost all aspects.
  • Saffron – Saffron as an ingredient is great for getting a toned skin along with the maintenance of a healthy as well as glowing skin. The anti-oxidant properties of saffron help in fighting the free radicals and prevent them from causing further damage to the skin. 
  • Milk – Milk is rich in the contents of alpha hydroxy acids vitamin B, calcium and a number of other potent anti-oxidants which helps in the proper nourishment of the skin and necessarily keeps the skin moisturised all the time. 
  • Honey – Honey is full of anti-oxidants and anti-bacterial properties. It slows down the natural aging process of the skin and gives a boost in the complexion. Its anti-bacterial properties help in fighting acne.
  • Irresistible Benefits of Using Aryanveda Tanend Bleach Cream

    There are a number of benefits of using the Aryanveda Tanned Bleach Cream. A few of them are mentioned below:

    • Significantly helps in the removal of tan from the skin thereby restoring its natural colour
    • Very gently exfoliates skin and helps in curing acne and its marks
    • Cleanses skin from deep inside to give an instant glowing effect
    • Helps in providing proper nourishment to the skin
    • Provides instant glow
    • It is the best for sun tan removal
    • Superb anti-aging properties and eliminates formation of wrinkles 
    • Softens skin and provides an even tone

    Steps to Use Aryanveda Tanend Bleach Cream

    The Tanned Bleach Cream from Aryanveda can be very easily used by following a few steps that are as enumerated below: 

    • At the beginning, the face needs to be thoroughly with cold water and then part dry. 
    • Now apply sufficient quantity of the pre bleach cream on the face.
    • Massage gently in circular motion for ten to fifteen minutes until it is completely absorbed. 
    • Then mix bleach cream and the activator powder in the ratio of 10:1 and then apply the mixture completely on the face except the eye area but necessarily cover the facial hairs completely.
    • Leave the applied mixture on face for around fifteen minutes. 
    • Now, rinse the skin with normal water and gain pat dry.


    Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge).

    Prakruti is determined by three "bodily energies" called doshas, Manyam told Live Science. There are three basic doshas, and though everyone has some features of each, most people have one or two that predominate. These are - Pitta (energy linked to fire), Vata (energy associated with air and space), and Kapha (energy linked to earth and water). Some researchers who study Ayurveda believe that understanding a patient's doshas — and in turn, his or her prakruti — can help determine that patient's risk of developing certain diseases or health conditions.

    About Aryanveda

    Aryanveda established their name in the market along with their skin, hair, and body care products. They pack all their products with high standards of quality and assured results. 

    All the company products are tested first and then they are prepared under strict observation and quality checks. Their excellent cosmetic products are manufactured with the best elements and herbs from nature and they are known for their natural healthcare products. 

    The distinguished team of Aryanveda combines the inventions of cosmetic science with the ancient herbal secrets so as to deliver skin and body care products that are of global standards. 


    Aryanveda products are preferred for the natural ingredients and the outstanding results derived on using them as per the instructions.

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