Tanend Sleeping Mask 60ml

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Aryanveda Tanend Sleeping Mask is ideally designed to get you rid of tanning blues once and forever. It is formulated in light cream form to work well on your skin when you are sleeping.


  • Ideal For: Unisex

  • Age: All Ages.

  • Skin type : Suitable for all skin types.

  • Ingredient Type: Natural

  • Ideal Usage: All Day


Best Tanend Sleeping Mask Cream by Aryanveda

No Tanning, Only Beautiful Dreams

Aryanveda Tanend Sleeping Mask is ideally designed to get you rid of tanning blues once and forever.  It is formulated in light cream form to work well on your skin when you are sleeping. It wipes off tanning gently with the wondrous benefits of Niacinamide and performs skin whitening action by the virtue of Vitamin C derivative. Niacinamide has a positive effect in inhibiting melanin synthesis to deliver a more uniform skin tone appearance. The benefits of Vitamin C derivative unveils a glowing and ravishing skin.

Techno Benefits:

Vitamin C Derivative – Inhibits the activity of tyrosinase and the amount of melanin synthesize, reduces synthesis of the anchoring complex essential to melanosomes transport, reduces photoinduced synthesis of SCF. Hence it gives the skin a luminous and ultra refined complexion.

Niacinamide – Stimulates micro-circulation in the dermis and prevents the skin from losing water. Thus improving skin texture and radiance.

Tangerine Extract – Smooths the skin surface by making each epidermal cell firmer. It also makes the skin look clear as though it radiates from within by increasing the amount of internally reflected light from the lower layer of skin.

It bring out the skin true brightness.


  • Enriched with Vitamin C Derivative. It has an innovating and complete anti pigmenting activity. It gives the skin a luminous and ultra-refined complex.

  • Enriched with Niacinamide - It acts as a co-enzyme precursor & improves barrier function and skin's elasticity.

  • Increase intercellular lipid synthesis.

  • Improves appearance of photo-aged facial skin.

  • Regulates the production of melanin in melanosomes.


Ayurveda is an ancient health care tradition that has been practiced in India for at least 5,000 years. The word comes from the Sanskrit terms ayur (life) and Veda (knowledge).

Prakruti is determined by three "bodily energies" called doshas, Manyam told Live Science. There are three basic doshas, and though everyone has some features of each, most people have one or two that predominate. These are - Pitta (energy linked to fire), Vata (energy associated with air and space), and Kapha (energy linked to earth and water). Some researchers who study Ayurveda believe that understanding a patient's doshas — and in turn, his or her prakruti — can help determine that patient's risk of developing certain diseases or health conditions.

About Aryanveda

Aryanveda established their name in the market along with their skin, hair, and body care products. They pack all their products with high standards of quality and assured results. 

All the company products are tested first and then they are prepared under strict observation and quality checks. Their excellent cosmetic products are manufactured with the best elements and herbs from nature and they are known for their natural healthcare products. 

The distinguished team of Aryanveda combines the inventions of cosmetic science with the ancient herbal secrets so as to deliver skin and body care products that are of global standards. 


Aryanveda products are preferred for the natural ingredients and the outstanding results derived on using them as per the instructions.

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