Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe Vera, the plant of immortality, is not a stranger in the beauty world. We all know that the city’s pollution is so harsh on everyone’s skin. Considering this fact Aryanveda has introduced Aloe Vera beauty gel for your skin.

Aloe Vera is the only leaf plant that is entirely water-based, and it is excellent for all skin types. It has been used by people for thousands of years for medicinal, hair, and skin benefits. Aryanveda has brought all this richness of aloe vera in the form of gel held in a bottle. It is 100% natural and organic. The gel is loaded with nutrients like minerals, enzymes, and amino acids which provide natural healing to the affected area. It moisturizes the skin by inhibiting germs and microbes. Similarly, when the gel is applied to hair, it protects them from further damage and dryness. This is not it, there are many more benefits associated with this astonishing beauty hack and they are as follows.  

Prevents Aging

  • Aloe Vera gel is rich in minerals, vitamins, and proteins. As the skin struggle to have all these nutrients, it ages quickly. Aryanveda Aloe Vera Gel provides your skin with an adequate amount of nutrients and eventually, keeps the wrinkles and fine lines at bay from your skin.

Say Goodbye to Acne

  • Aloe Vera Gel has antioxidants that can liberate your skin from the problem of acne and blemished. Further, this water-based leaf can also remove left-out marks and scars from your skin.

Deep Cleansing

  • Aloe Vera Gel can act as a great deep cleanser for your skin. Apply it on the face and let it rest on your skin for a few minutes. Wash it with normal water. You will experience the difference as all the dirt is removed and your skin will look bright and light.

Seal-Up The Open Pores

  • Aryanveda Aloe Vera Gel has a solution for another major problem that makes the skin look ugly i.e. open pores. Open pores embrace dirt more quickly and let it set within. Being a natural moisturizer, aloe vera gel helps in closing the open pores and gives you healthy skin.

Fights sunburn

  • Aloe Vera Gel does wonder in calming down the sunburnt area. It is a natural cure to repel your sunburn.


How to apply-

  • Apply the Aloe Vera gel on the sunburnt skin. You can also mix 1 tsp of sugar with the gel to make a skin-friendly face and body scrub.
  • Massage the gel on hands, face, and neck. You can also massage it on chapped heels and dry scalp.
  • Allow it to dry or you can leave overnight for a soothing effect and antiaging action.

So, doesn’t it seem like Aloe Vera gel is the right solution for your day-to-day skin care regime? You can pick up the Aloe Vera Gel online from Aryanveda is brilliant skincare, body care, hair care, and ayurvedic products, retailer. 

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