Aryanveda SPF 50 Sunscreen Lotion

Sunburn is a common problem faced by many in the summers. The sun’s UV rays penetrate inside your skin and can bring on early age wrinkles. It can damage your skin by causing tanning. Most importantly, UV rays from the sun can stimulate skin cancer, a very common disease in the United Sates. Thus, we should inevitably use a sunscreen before heading anywhere.

But with so many options around, it often gets difficult to choose which sunscreen to buy. However, here we help you by summarizing some of the factors to look for in a good sunscreen.

  • The SPF level needs to be anywhere in between 30-60 considering the Indian climatic conditions.
  • A good sunscreen protects not just from UVB rays but also from UVA rays.
  • A sunscreen needs to be resistant to water and sweat. So that you don’t have to worry before getting into the pool or hitting the gym.
  • A sunscreen needs to be skin friendly that will not cause any irritation while applying.
  • A sunscreen needs to be long lasting
  • A sunscreen needs to be suitable for all skin types- whether oily or dry.
  • A sunscreen needs to be apt for all ages.

All these factors clubbed together make a sunscreen worth buying. Aryanveda SPF 50 sunscreen lotion has all these characteristics and hence makes it a good choice. It has polyphenols and photorecepts that protect your skin from scorching heat of the sun. Its 50 SPF level protects from UVB rays of the sun that causes sunburn. Its nutrient-rich property protects from UVA rays that is responsible for early ageing of skin.

There are a few things to remember before using a sunscreen.

  • We often apply sunscreen on the face but forget about other body parts. We should apply sunscreen on all the parts that are exposed under the sun. This includes your neck, the corners of your ears, your palms and your feet.
  • Sunscreen should be applied prior to 10-15 minutes before stepping out.
  • We should apply a good layer of sunscreen all over your body.
  • We should use a sunscreen even when it’s not too hot outside. People often avoid using it on a shady day. But you should apply it every time you step out under the sun.

Aryanveda SPF 50 sunscreen lotion is really good. It immediately gets soaked into your skin and leaves it gentle and smooth. It is an oil-free lotion and does not clog pores. It is apt even for sensitive skin as it is composed of natural ingredients. Its non-greasy formula leaves your skin soft and hydrated.

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