Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash With Neem Tulsi

If the humid and extremely hot summer has started giving trouble to your oily, dry, and sensitive skin then Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash with Neem Tulsi is the product you must try. The ingredients used in face wash are extracted naturally. Aryanveda skincare products are dermatologically tested and are free from sulfates, perfumes, colors, preservatives, petroleum, and paraben. Tea Tree Face Wash with Neem Tulsi maintains the essential and natural oil content in the skin. It has the anti-bacterial property which takes away acne-causing microbes from the skin.

Tea Tree is an essential oil that has a lot of advantages for the skin. It is a great substitute for conventional treatments. It has a cooling lather that minimizes excess oil and impurities, leaving the skin purified and fresh. Daily use of it will give shine and clearer results. Neem is another miracle herb that proffers many medicinal benefits to the skin. It can be used in any form like neem oil, neem water, neem soap. Neem has anti-fungal, anti-septic, anti-bacterial properties that help in healing skin diseases and other issues. Tulsi has its own benefits. It is a detoxifying agent packed with electrolytes, Vitamins, phytonutrients, and minerals. When these two come together, your skin is bombarded with nothing but benefits.

How to use Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash With Neem Tulsi-

  • Wet your face and massage the face wash onto the skin in a circular upward direction.
  • Rinse with regular water.
  • Use it in morning and evening.

Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash will clear your skin of all the impurities and oil leaving your face clean and bright.

What the product claims to do-


This skincare product is appropriate for every skin type. It uncover skin’s natural glow by taking out all signs of tan. Neem and tulsi removes the tan right from the upper layer of the skin and restores the natural color.


Exposure to harsh sun rays damages the skin. Aryanveda Tea Tree face wash will help you to repair the damage caused to the skin.


Milli capsules help to remove the dead cells to bring out the natural shine on the face. It makes the skin refreshed and improves the skin tone.


Daily use of Aryanveda Tea Tree Face Wash with Neem Tulsi gives freedom to your face from pimples and acne by maintaining excess oil secretion.

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