Tanend Bleach Cream

Back from your vacations but now worried about your tanned skin? Or afraid of jumping into the swimming pool because you have a party to attend and can’t afford to tan your face. Well, you can now encounter your fears with confidence and worry no more. Our new milk and honey enriched tanend bleach cream from Aryanveda can dismiss all your tanning issues instantly.

Tanend bleach cream from Aryanveda improves your skin complexion by providing a golden finish to your facial hair. This bleach perfectly blends with your skin and makes your skin look brighter and fairer. You need not visit a salon before heading to a party. Instead, you can just apply this bleach cream and get a natural glow.

Tanend bleach from Aryanveda has no harmful chemicals and is completely herbal. It is an amalgamation of milk and honey. Milk improves your skin tone and clears any blemishes and marks. Honey makes your skin smooth and gentle. Honey also retains the moisture balance of your skin. This product is enriched with all-natural ingredients like caprylic, coconut oil, olive oil, turmeric oil, carrot seed oil, lactic acid, arbutin, the aqueous extract of aloe vera, saffron and milk extracts. So, it brings no harm to your skin and replenishes your skin with a glow. Thus, this Aryanveda tanned cream makes your face as fresh as a daisy. 

Unlike other bleaches that give an itchy feeling, this tanend cream from Aryanveda is easy to apply and doesn’t cause any itchiness.  Further, you can apply it anytime without worrying about causing any damage to your skin. It is very easy to apply as well. Firstly, wash your face thoroughly with face wash. Pat your skin dry. Then, apply a gentle layer all over your face and neck and keep it like that for 10-15 mins. Massage your skin softly with your fingers and wash with cold water or wet tissues. For best results, apply it all over your face and not just on the cheeks to get a uniform tone on the face. Remember, one must avoid using any type of soap for 24 hours after usage.

Once you start using this cream on a regular basis, you will also see that there is a visible reduction in your dark spots. The skin under your eyes will match your overall skin tone on continuous usage of Aryanveda tanend cream. The USP of this product is that it is suitable for all skin types (oily or dry) and one need not go through the long process of mixing the cream and the powder in a particular ratio.

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