Blend of Ayurveda and Modern Science

Blend of Ayurveda and Modern Science
Aaryanveda was established as an Ayurvedic brand in the year 1997 today it inspires and empowers Indian women and aims to be the most loved brand by 2025. What started as a small family business today is a family of almost 500+ members under the guidance and leadership of Mr. Himanshu Chadha (Founder & CEO) and Mrs. Sonia Chadha (Director). The journey of Aaryanveda could not be possible without the constant support of Mrs. Nirmal Chadha (mother, Government School Teacher) whose small kitchen became home for Aaryanveda and Mr. S. K. Chadha (father, a retired employee of Godrej) who supported dreams of his son by providing an immense investment of ₹50,000. Today it is a conglomerate of qualified Chemical Engineers, Dermatologists, Skin-experts, and Marketers with revenue of more than 100Cr.

About the founders

Mr. S. K. Chadha

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Himanshu Chadha

The key to realizing a dream is to focus not on success but significance, and then even the small steps and little victories along your path will take on greater meaning." This business is a blessing to him by his father Mr. S.K. Chadha (father, a retired employee of Godrej) who believed in him and supported him in every endeavour of his life. In Mr. Chadha's eyes, Aaryanveda is more about enhancing a woman's natural beauty than transforming it.

Thus he and his team are on a mission to make products that boost self-confidence and awaken the natural beauty of a woman. "From head to toe, we care for our customers and deliver the best." With many years of experimentation in the cosmetic field and love from our customers on those experiments make us more courageous to try out new concepts. As our customers’ trust and satisfaction define our success. For our partners and clients: We provide our clients with free R&D and along with that product development support as well. We always encourage them to learn more to grow more.

We are committed to providing world-class manufacturing facilities and attractive product basket/business proposals to our clients, helping them increase their profits. We at Aaryanveda, believe in developing strong and long-term relationships with our clients promising them exclusivity, mutual growth and a sense of ownership we are known for our commitments.

He holds a degree in Chemical Engineering from one of the most prestigious institutions of India, IIT Delhi.

Sonia Chadha

Rome was not built in a day Sonia believes in putting utmost dedication and effort into revolutionizing this world. Being born in the family of entrepreneurs she had an in-built sense for business and managerial skills. Her father Mr. B.R. Chawla's business ‘Chawla Packaging’ prompted her to be a businesswoman She has a very versatile personality and a very wise aura. Apart from being a businesswoman, she is a caring wife, an affectionate mother of two teenage boys and a Fitness enthusiast.

BSc in Chemistry from Delhi University.


In Indian beauty scenario, there are a great number of brands competing for customers but do they understand the concerns of an Indian Woman? This is what Aaryanveda is about, understanding the needs of an Indian woman and bringing back the age-old practices of Ayurveda science blended to perfection with modern beauty science. It has only been possible because of the State of the art resources at our disposal. From sourcing our ingredients directly from the farmers and manufacturing at world-class facilities. We at Aaryanveda promise our clients exclusivity, mutual growth as well as a sense of ownership.

Vision & Mission

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the most loved Ayurvedic cosmetics brand by the modern women of India by the year 2025. As a beauty brand, we are committed to bringing back the irreplaceable goodness of Ayurveda science and blend it with modern beauty science by which we can deliver premium quality and safe beauty, hair care and wellness products.

Our Mission

We are on a mission to inspire and empower Indian women by supporting them to unleash their energy and express their inner beauty radiantly. We promise and guarantee that our products give the best results.


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