Facial Massage – The Best Ways to Prevent Your Skin from Anti-Aging

Massage has been around since 2700 B.C. to treat sports injuries, war wounds, etc. It has also been used to treat other terminal conditions and ailments. But have you ever thought massage therapy could also help you relax mentally and enhance the life of your skin manifolds? There are so many times during the facial treatments where comes a blissful state when you naturally doze off for some time while your skin continues to reap the benefits of the massage. Just like other parts of the body, your face muscles also need exercise to keep moving and look younger.


Facial massage is one of the best ways to prevent your skin from anti-aging. Therefore, it should be incorporated into your daily skin care regimen. Considering today’s lifestyle, you are tensed about one or more things and tension is followed by wrinkles on your face. Few minutes of massage each day keeps both your mind and skin relax. However, it depends on what kind of skin do you have. Oily skin demands maximum of 10 minutes of facial massage, whereas you can give 20 minutes to dry skin. Also, using the right technique adds a lot to the effects of massage. We know that massage should be done in circular motion, but there is more to the method of face massage. Go for soft tapping, begin from inside of your face while moving outwards and massage in upward-circular motion.


Just like the time and technique, product and material used for massage also matter. There are creams available in the market especially made for massage. Fruit salad massage cream from Aryanveda is one of them. It contains the goodness of fruits that soothe your skin and contributes to its nourishment. They renew the skin resilience, tightness, let you say bye to wrinkles and fine lines, helps in fighting acne leaving your skin glowing and revived. The best part is, fruit salad massage cream is made only using fruits, it is 100% natural and can be used irrespective of your skin type. It can be used in summer and winter alike. Its anti-aging properties keep your skin young and moisturizing factor hydrates the skin.


Just like the real fruits, this massage cream is also packed with minerals, proteins, and vitamins. It will do wonders for your skin same as the real fruits. You can order it online anytime at www.aryanveda.in.

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