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Neem Tulsi Natural Face Pack for Oily & Dry Skin

Tulsi and Neem have made their mark in the books of ayurvedic products. They come with various health benefits, medicinal properties, and skin care characteristics. Both have been part of traditional remedies since 5000 years. Tulsi and Neem are good for health, whether used together or individually. Also, you can consume it or apply it to leverage the benefits.

In India, Tulsi (also known as basil) has been worshipped like a goddess since ages. People hold high regards for the plant in religious matters. This is one of the herbal plants that you will find in almost every Indian house. You must be having childhood stories in association with this nature’s pharmacy where grandmother used to give you ginger-tulsi tea at the time of cold and cough! Tulsi is the queen of herbs. It has been part of Ayurveda because of its multiple healing properties and has been given the label of an elixir of life.

Neem, this is another medicinal herb that is available within arm’s reach in an India home. This is nature’s beauty product which is still used in its raw form as an antibacterial agent for skin cleansing, curing acne, healing skin infections and boosting the immunity system. Presence of vitamin E brings natural glow on your face. Neem has germ fighting properties, and therefore, it is also used as insect repeller.

Aryanveda’s neem tulsi pack is filled with all the goodness of these two herbs and other vital ingredients. The pack has extracts of neem oil. To know the exact percentage of tulsi, neem, and other components, check the label.

Neem doesn’t smell good when used alone, the content of Tulsi neutralizes that. Apart from this, when Tulsi and Neem are mixed, they make wonders happen for your skin. They help you in getting rid of all the impurities on your skin coming from dust, dirt, and pollution. The two ayurvedic leaves provide deep skin cleansing by opening up the clogged pores. You get to say goodbye to the problem of pimples from the root. Together, neem and tulsi, work as an antibacterial brooming away skin rashes, eczema, and acne. It keeps your skin gentle, supple and smooth without leaving a sticky film or any other residue. Just like all other products of Aryanveda, it is 100% natural and non-toxic skin care product.

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