Aryanveda Wrinklend Sleeping Mask

Feeling stressed?

Are you looking for something that doesn’t need you to sit for a while and rather de-stress you when you are sleeping?

Well, Aryanveda presents all-new beauty staple- Wrinklend Sleeping Mask to all the pillow-lovers out there. It has been made in a manner that all the components penetrate deeply in your skin while you sleep. An overnight sleeping mask works as both sealant and barrier. A thin coating of this beauty product avoids dirt from closing in your pores and locks-in active products, letting the goodness of the mask do its job more efficiently. It stays for a long time on your face delivering marvelous outcomes in the morning.

Skin is a delicate organ of the human body and it demands regular time from your daily routine for its nourishment. Aryanveda Wrinklend Sleeping Mask is the product that can boost the process of skin restoration if made part of your daily beauty regimen. Simply put it on your face and let it sit for around 20-30 minutes, and from here, it’s all a matter of good sleep and allowing the sleeping mask to do its job.

Beauty Benefits of The Sleeping Mask

Deeper Hydration

Aryanveda Wrinklend Sleeping Mask is effective in quenching the skin’s thirst, and thereby, leaves the skin supple and dewy when you wake up in the morning. Also, it makes your skin look healthy and younger by providing it with required moisturizer and keeping it hydrated.

Soothing Sleep

Overnight wrinklend sleeping mask is infused with ingredients that help to relax the skin. Thus, it makes your sleep more rejuvenating.

The Fresh and Brighter Complexion

This wrinklend sleeping mask performs a mild exfoliating action and removes the layers of harmful material from the skin. When you wash off your face in the morning you notice the brighter skin.

Anti-aging Effect   

Dull and sagging skin are a few of the major indications of skin aging. This mask slows down the skin-aging process by rebuilding a protective barrier naturally for your skin. Furthermore, it proves to be effective in restoring the radiance and firmness of your skin.

Acne Treatment

The overnight sleeping mask also helps to manage acne and many other skin problems. Make sure that you use the mask as per the instructions written on the box.


Aryanveda Wrinklend Sleeping Mask is a cool way to treat fine lines and wrinkles on your face. This sleeping mask is a complete skincare solution which heals the skin in a unique way which is hard to find at skin clinics or salons. Thanks to the mask, that you no more have to give time to DIY recipes that take months to show results. This is a trustworthy and natural product best suited for all types of skin.


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