Banana Spa Facial - 210gm

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Banana Spa Facial - 210gm

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  The Aryanveda Banana Spa Facial kit is the ultimate nourisher for your skin. It will revitalizer your skin and cleanses it deeply from within. The banana and...

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Product Description


The Aryanveda Banana Spa Facial kit is the ultimate nourisher for your skin. It will revitalizer your skin and cleanses it deeply from within. The banana and botanical extracts will gently cleanse your skin and give you a more delightful and healthy-looking skin. 

Enjoy the rich benefits of banana with the all new Aryanveda Banana Spa Facial kit. 

The amazing benefits of banana for a brighter skin 

  • It will deeply moisturize your skin cells. The presence of potassium will moisturize your skin while hydrating it deeply as well. You will love the soft and supple touch of it. 
  • Control the build of oil: it works wonders for oily and greasy skin; it will slough off excess sebum on the skin surface. The presence of vitamins like E and C will let you promote a clearer glowing skin. 
  • It will fight the signs of aging: it will fight off wrinkles and let you nourish and exfoliate your skin. It will also protect your skin any further sun damage and provide with a mature skin.
  • It will let you treat your acne: banana works excellent in treating your acne and also lightening the dark spots on your face. It reduces the discoloration on your face and let you enjoy a brighter looking skin. 


Key Ingredients 

  • Haldi (Turmeric): known for the anti-inflammatory properties, turmeric will lighten your skin tone and aid in providing you a better and more nourished complexion. It lets you bring your natural glow and calms the skin cells as well. It will also unclog your pores. 
  • Rose: the extracts of your rose will fight against your acne, dark spots, blemishes and wrinkles and let to bring out the natural glow on your face. It will let your welcome a good radiating skin with a younger and youthful glow. 
  • Aloe vera: known for the immense quantity of water, it will hydrate your skin in the best manner. It will let you fight the signs of aging and give you a better-looking skin.
  • Banana extracts: the extracts of banana will deeply moisturize your skin in turn prevent any early signs of aging from appearing on your face. It will also control the build of excess oil on your face. 


How to use the Aryanveda banana spa facial kit

  • First wash your wash with cold water and face wash and pat it dry.
  • Take the Aryanveda banana Cleanser and apply all over the face and other desired areas in circular motions for 2-3 times. Wash off using sufficient quantity of fresh water. 
  • Now take the Aryanveda banana Scrub and apply it on your pre-wet face. Now rub gently for exfoliation in circular motion with some cold water. 
  • Take the Aryanveda banana massage gel and apply it all over your face. After than wash off with some fresh water. 
  • Now take the Aryanveda banana massage cream and apply that on your face completely. Massage well on your face with the help of your fingertips. 
  • Wash your face properly and pat it dry. At last take the Aryanveda banana packs and apply a thick layer of it over your face except the eye area. Keep it on for 15-20 minutes. 
  • Remove the pack completely with fresh cold water. 
Banana Spa Facial - 210gm
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