Stop sympathising with women empowerment, start supporting it

Women empowerment is not just a fancy slogan but an institution that is responsible for the shaping of women’s status in society. Women of this world have been fighting a long battle to be accepted as an equal being. To an extent, they have crushed the mountains of patriarchy by writing their names in every field; names like Ziya Modi, Gita Gopinath, Hima Das, Avani Chaturvedi, Vandana Luthra, Kiran Mazumdar Shaw and Richa Kar are changing the dynamics of women’s status in the Indian society. These ladies have opened gates of opportunities for other women while igniting confidence in the heart of many who are now gearing up to stand on their feet as female entrepreneurs.

The real essence of women empowerment is the independence and strength of women to hold, acquire and manage their finances. It means the process of enabling women to have access to control their life by having opportunities that aid them to unleash their full potential. But unfortunately, the quest to achieve equal status as per to the men, women have and are still facing grave challenges. 

Therefore, keeping in mind the necessity of practising and accepting women empowerment as a normal course of life it is integral that we adopt and implement certain plans that can empower women economically and socially in its truest sense. 


The government is initiating and implementing economic schemes for women to help Indian women to stand on their feet. Schemes like Beti Bachao Beti padhao has helped many girls to get free education so that they get educated and take their first step towards the road of success and independence. On the other hand, the government has also initiated schemes like STEP that enables women above the age of 16 to get opportunities to become self-employed/ entrepreneurs in sectors such as Agriculture, Horticulture, Food processing, Handlooms, Tailoring, Computer, IT, Travel and tourism and hospitality. The scheme “Stand up India” allows women entrepreneurs to apply for bank loans between Rs 10 lakhs and Rs 1 crore in the manufacturing and trading sector. On the other hand, the Mudra Yojana enables women to get loans between Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakhs for starting small business enterprises.

Therefore, looking at the initiatives taken by the government it can be deciphered that even if the process of empowering women has been slow, it has finally started taking a substantive shape as now governments are initiating steps that focus on giving the right support for women to gain economic independence. By providing such schemes to women, the government is doing justice to the real essence of empowering women as it is providing the right kind of support to women by giving them capital to start their businesses that will make them financially independent for their entire lives. 


Taking inspiration from the schemes of the government we at Aaryanveda also believe that women empowerment should not be looked from the perspective of sympathising with women over the grim conditions but to give them the right kind of support and platforms that shall enable them to stand on their own feet and live a dignified life. Aaryanveda, itself is headed by Mrs. Sonia Chadha, a woman entrepreneur who left her salaried employment to start her business venture and today with her confidence and leadership, she is guiding the brand to be a true pioneer of Ayurveda beauty products as well as a platform that promotes women empowerment. 

With her vision, Aaryanveda is in a constant effort to promote “women supporting women'', a viable rule of the women empowerment movement where women inspire and support each other to implement and promote effectively. Aaryanveda has initiated many projects where we give platforms to female entrepreneurs who have marked their names in their respective fields; we interact with such female leaders and give them a platform to tell their story and experience along with collaborating with them so that we as a team can inspire the young females. 

One such collaboration was done with the renowned makeup artist and beauty advisor Miss Samaira Sandhu who enlightened many women with important advice about beauty and makeup. In this event, she shared her personal experience about how Aaraynveda and Cosmetofood products were true to their name of being authentic natural and ayurvedic beauty products. But, the most fascinating part of this event was Samaira’s interaction with other young women where they had discussed and explored the different fragments of how the makeup industry was uplifting many women to become more financially independent as well as personally enhancing their confidence. Thus, this event was certainly a true example of “women supporting women”.

To make a chain of women empowerment 

Under the guidance of Ms. Sonia Chaddha, Aaryanveda is constantly making efforts to make women financially independent as well as encourage them to be confident and inspired by other women who are working hard for their financial independence and security as well as helping the entire womanhood. Therefore, it is integral that we understand women empowerment as a collective effort of many women who have taken individual steps to uplift themselves but have become a source of inspiration and encouragement for other women as well.

As a made in India brand, Aaryanveda urges the nation to standby and promote women empowerment because respectign women has always been part of our culture. We are a land that worships goddesses and celebrates women freedom fighters therefore, it is important that as we enter the new normal we begin a new journey with a new vision of seeing this society that belongs to both women and men equally. It is time that as a nation we support and accept that each woman is a virago, a human who deserves to be treated with respect and integrity. 

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