Why is everyone talking about Ayurveda and Women Empowerment?

Since the advent of Coronavirus, the world has been shown a mirror of the ugly truth about humans. Firstly, it has shown that till now we all were living such an unhealthy life that has triggered in the wild spread of the Coronavirus all over the world. The second ugly truth of this society that has been unveiled is the rise of domestic violence cases. People have been staying indoors because of work from home and lockdowns but unfortunately, the lockdown period has also shown the ugly reality of the bedrooms as domestic violence has increased by 20% globally.  

Therefore, keeping in mind the grim conditions it is important to introspect and ask the question that, will all this continue even in the new normal? Whether an unhealthy routine of life and social evils like domestic violence still be part of the new normal? 

In the light of these questions, the only silver lining answer is that thankfully people have realised that certain habits and certain mentalities can no more be part of our societies as the new norm of the new world. Today people have finally started ditching unhealthy lifestyles and have adopted lifestyles that are closer to nature and healthier; consumption and usage of Ayurvedic products are at a rise because people have finally realised that the goodness of nature is irreplaceable. 

On the other hand, after seeing the rise of domestic violence cases during the lockdown, the movement of women empowerment has also taken its speed where brands and business houses are standing in solidarity to give women with opportunities so that women can live their life safely with independence and integrity. 


Since the advent of coronavirus today people are ditching short term remedies and adopting ayurvedic remedies for getting effective and long-lasting cures. People have realised that till the time the vaccine for coronavirus doesn’t arrive all that they can do is to make their immunity stronger and take precautionary measures by doing ayurvedic remedies.  


WHO and Ministry of Ayush to have suggested that people should now regularly intake kadha( herbal tea) made of tulsi, dalchini, kali mirch, shunti, munnaka along with “golden milk”, hot milk with turmeric daily so that they can get better immunity against the fatal SARS-CoV2 virus.

Furthermore, companies like Himalaya Drug Company and Baidyanath, pioneers of Ayurveda products have noticed a massive hike in their sales. Countries like Italy, Russia, France and Germany are emerging as hot consumers of Ayurvedic products. Aaryanveda has also experienced that our wellness and skincare products which are made from authentic and natural Ayurveda herbs according to the perils of Ayurveda Science have also taken a great leap of sales in both domestic and international markets. The reason behind such an increase in the demand for authentic ayurvedic products amidst the pandemic of Coronavirus is only because of the long relationship shared with Ayurveda that has proven to cure ailments with long-lasting results. Furthermore, the usage of traditional Ayurvedic remedies by Indian such as kadha and tulsi tea also played a major role in shielding Indians from getting gravely affected by the Coronavirus. 

Thus, people are now re-adopting Ayurveda as a lifestyle because they have realised that Ayurveda is a pillar of the society that binds the society in the loop of good health making everyone stronger for a longer run. 

Taking forward the legacy of Ayurvedic science, Aaryanveda has been determined to bring back the goodness of Ayurveda in the lives of masses. A made in India brand company, we are constantly innovating and improving ayurvedic solutions with the best of modern science so that our consumers get wholesome benefits of ayurveda that shall enable them to live a holistic and healthy life. 


The harsh reality of grim conditions of women during the pandemic have finally shaken many. It is being considered shameful that even in such challenging times where one is not safe outside their house, unfortunately for women they aren't even safe within their house. 

In a country like India, this reality has yet again shown our double standards, as on one hand we pray and celebrate numbers of goddesses while we beat the women of our house behind the closed doors. Names like Rani Laxmibai, Devi Ahilya, Sarojini Naidu, Indira Gandhi, Kalpana Chawla, Zia Mody, Chhavi Rajawat and Indra Nooyi are taken with great pride in our country as these females have brought laurels to the country but when it comes to treating women equally as men, then our society becomes deaf and dumb. 

Thus, the question arises that till when India shall be living with these double standards?

During the lockdown, it was noticed that there was a rise in domestic violence cases all over the globe. According to the statistics, there was a 20% rise in the cases of domestic violence thus, proving that the lockdown period was a crucial period for many women who couldn’t be out of the house because of Coronavirus and nor could be safe within the house because of domestic violence. 

There is no doubt that domestic violence is invariably linked to the financial strength of women. Often women who are economically dependent on others face such challenges and this was certainly proved when the lockdown happened where many people lost their jobs or salaries got deducted which resulted in even more hostile situations for women at home who had to face the brunt of frustrations and violence caused due to the sudden economic crisis caused due to the coronavirus lockdown. 

Therefore, in order to minimize the hostilities on women during the lockdown, Aaryanveda ensured that it shall be determined to give full support to women during the challenging times of the lockdown by providing them with opportunities that shall enable them to be financially independent. 

During the lockdown, we had ensured that our female employees would be financially supported so that they can stay safe during the challenging phase. Furthermore, we had also hired more than 50 beauty advisors in Orissa who had lost their jobs during the 1st phase of lockdown. Following the perils of our brand’s vision, we ensured that we shall extend the right support to women during these challenging times therefore, we gave products on credit so that they could sell our products and earn for themselves which would empower them. secure them and let them live a dignified life. 

Therefore, the only reason that Ayurveda and women empowerment are the talks of the town is because the pandemic has made many realise till the pre corona time, we as a society were heading towards the wrong direction and now its high time, that we introspect and collectively work together to make the world safer and healthier place for both men and women. 

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