What is the future of personalized formulation of beauty products?

What is the future of personalized formulation of beauty products?

Ever wondered if we had a genie in our life as our friend, life would have been so much easier as we could have made our wishes come true just with a snap of fingers. As humans, we have limitless desires and the more we experiment and explore different things in our life, our desires to keep changing but unfortunately neither do we have a genie to make all wishes come true nor all our desires come true. But, what if we tell you that though there is no genie we can still get some things exactly as we desire. 

Wondering what is it?

The answer to this is personalized beauty and hair care products that are made exclusively for you and your desired results. There is no denying that whether it is a man or a woman, everyone wants to look their best, have flawless skin and healthy hair. But, the key factor that has to be understood is that though we would have a common desire to look beautiful or handsome, but as we all are different from each other we all cannot have one solution to achieve our desired beauty. 

Thus, in this context, it is important to understand that for our different desires we need different solutions and this is when the concept of personalized beauty products comes into play; through this, we can achieve our desired results by using products that are specifically designed with ingredients that shall treat to our problems, unlike the old generic solutions that have been ruling the beauty and hair care industry since times immemorial. 


Today consumers are conscious about the products they are using, as the plethora of online information has bridged the gaps between the consumers and their needs by helping them to identify what kind of skin they have? What is their hair and scalp type? All these questions though have always existed but never got the attention as consumers had settled with the generic products that gave generic solutions.

But, now the consumers have heightened consciousness for their wellness and they want to use products that are exclusively made to solve their problems which also have to be compatible with their skin type. Similarly, they want hair care products that would suit their hair type, scalp type and if coloured or chemically treated hair, then specific ingredients for it that would not cause any damage to their hair. 

According to market observations, 61% of women have already become loyalists for personalized beauty and hair care products. 

How does personalization of beauty and hair products work?

Taking advantage of technology, the beauty industry is expanding their services so that they can tend to customers by knowing them personally.

Companies are reaching out to consumers through various questionnaires that though are exhaustive but include pertinent questions like their dietary habits, exercising frequency, blood type, health history, stress levels, sleep pattern, periodic cycles etc., all kind of questions that are very much part of our day to day life. Through these questions, the companies aim at understanding the root cause of the problems the consumer along with factors that are triggering the problem which gives them a clearer picture to curate solutions that shall reduce or eliminate the problem of the consumer. 



After understanding the problems of the customers on a personal level, personalized products are curated with premium quality of natural ingredients that are blended with marvels of the science of beauty which then results as a unique customized product that is bound to give the customers their desired results. The main aim of this process is that the brands are determined to create a loyal and long-lasting relationship with the customers by delivering them the best-personalised solutions for each customer.


The new personalized products wave is a progressive wave as it runs on the line of inclusion. Through this new wave, many people who had curly or textured hair are getting solutions that are suitable for their kind of curls. On the other hand, because of the personalized curation of beauty and hair products, now men too can use varieties of personalized products that suit the male skin type, hair type as well beard type. 


As the concept of personalized beauty and hair care products are making their prominence, the beauty and hair industry is finding channels to get more in tune with the desires of the customers. The aim is to create products that are not generic or off the shelves solutions but to customize products according to each individual and their problems for which companies are leaving no stone unturned to bridge the gaps between them and their customers. 


Personalised products make the consumers feel in control as they decide how their product should be furthermore because they are included in the making of the product becomes a reflection of their identity. Also as brands are maximizing their base through the digital arena, these products are easily available to the customers at just a click.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the personalized products are shaping the future of the beauty and hair care industry because consumers have awakened to their true value and now they are in no mood of compromising on the quality of their self-love and self-care regime, therefore personalized products shall stay for a long time now as consumers would only use products that suit and love them the best.

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