Want an effective hair care regime? Try YOGVEDA- a blend of yoga & ayurveda herbs

Want an effective hair care regime? Try YOGVEDA- a blend of yoga & ayurveda herbs 

Rapunzel’s story is one of the most famous fairy tales we have heard where she was locked up in a high rise tower since childhood and the only way to reach the tower was by using her long and strong hair as a rope. It’s always fascinating to think that how her hair was so strong that it could carry the weight of a human being whereas, today our hair can not even handle the strokes of our brush and they fall out from our scalp like a dead leaf from a tree. 

Of course, the argument can be that it was a fairytale and no one can prove whether she existed or not but you would agree that people from the older generation like our mothers and grandmothers had beautiful and healthy hair and some continue to have it even in 2020. 

Therefore, in this blog we shall explore how we can have stronger and healthier hair (like Rapunzel) by simply doing certain Yoga postures and by adding some Ayurvedic herbs in our hair care regime because let’s be honest if Rapunzel did exist, she wasn’t using hair products available in the market or going to the gym, so we can assume that she was doing the age-old fitness regime of Yoga and using Ayurvedic herbs for her hair care regime. 

Thus, the following are some ayurvedic herbs and yoga pose that can make your hair stronger like Rapunzel-

  1. Brahmi oil and Bhringraj oil 

These two Ayurveda herbs have been considered as a powerful combination for hair growth. Brahmi has natural hair growth properties, as it contains alkaloids that activate proteins in our body which strengthen and toughen the hair follicles. On the other hand, Bhringraj is a powerful antioxidant that contains essential vitamins and minerals like Vitamin D and E, Magnesium and Calcium; it helps in reducing dandruff and promotes slow greying of hair while enhancing the overall condition of the scalp.

So the first step of getting healthy hair is to use hair oil that contains either Brahmi or Bhringraj as its hero ingredient which shall let you have your hair down and pamper you as a natural stress buster while making your hair stronger and healthier. 

  1. Shikakai Hair Mask and Neem Hair Mask

There is no doubt that Shikakai and Neem are considered as synonyms for a hair care regime. Shikakai has been considered as the magic elixir for healthy hair as it naturally balances the pH of our hair while thoroughly detoxifying the scalp and strengthening the roots of our hair. It also makes our hair bouncy and silky because of its natural milk conditioning properties.

Furthermore, Neem has been considered as an all-rounder Ayurvedic herb and for hair care, it is considered as an important component for keeping hair nourished as it is naturally antiseptic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial due to which it effectively prevents conditions like eczema, hives and dandruff. 

So the next step for your hair care regime can be applying a Shikakai or a Neem hair mask that shall soothe an itchy scalp, strengthen the hair from the roots and stimulate hair growth while making your hair smooth, shiny and frizz-free. 

  1. Amla Shampoo or Hibiscus Shampoo

Amla and Hibiscus are ayurvedic herbs that hold a plethora of benefits for hair care. Amla contains phytonutrients and Vitamin C which increases circulation in hair. Its Collagen proteins help in stimulating hair growth and adds volume in them.

Hibiscus (Rudrapushpa) helps in repairing dull and damaged hair, as it prevents split ends in the hair while making them smooth and lustrous.

Therefore, using a hair shampoo that has Amla or Hibiscus will not only promote healthy hair but will also keep them safe and nourished, unlike the chemical-based off the shelf shampoos that only worsen the hair's health.

So now that we know which Ayurvedic herbs can benefit our hair care regime, let’s explore how Yoga can be beneficial for keeping the hair healthy and happy. 

  1. Aadho Mukha Savasana (Downward facing dog pose)

This yoga pose helps in increasing the blood flow as it enhances the blood circulation which strengthens the hair follicles and promotes regrowth of the hair.


  1. Varjasana (Thunderbolt purpose)

An easy pose that helps in releasing tension and stress which is considered as one of the triggering factors that cause hair problems. Thus, by doing this pose one can get enhanced blood circulation in the scalp which shall strengthen the hair from their roots and help in the reduction of hair fall.


  1. Ustrasana (back bending pose)

If you are having excessive hair fall, then this yoga pose is for you, as it helps in getting fuller and healthier hair because it stimulates the nerves of the scalp and increases the blood circulation in the scalp significantly which helps in controlling excessive hair fall.

Therefore, as we know that Ayurvedic herbs and few yoga poses can give us healthy and happy hair, you must be wondering that though yoga poses can still be managed but from where will you find authentic Ayurvedic herbs for your hair care? Don't worry, Aaryanveda has got you covered.

With a wide range of hair care products, we have developed our hair oil, hair masks and hair shampoos with authentic Ayurvedic herbs by formulating them according to the age-old and trusted Ayurvedic science that has been blended with the marvels of modern beauty science so that you can get quality Ayurvedic hair care products that shall enable you to have a natural and pure way of pampering yourself and keeping your hair strong just like Rapunzel.

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