Save your skin with these 6 organic and ayurvedic products

Skin getting bullied because of pollution? Here are 6 anti-pollution bullies that will fight back pollution and shield your skin. 

 Life in the city has its charm but there is no doubt that this charm also has its cons which effects badly over our health and skin. We breathe oxygen that is blended with dirt and toxic pollutants coming out of traffic and factories. We eat vegetables and fruits that are loaded with toxins only to make them look nicer but in reality, they are eroding us internally. Every year many northern Indian cities have to breathe air like gas chambers because they are subjected to Smog that not only harms their respiratory system but also causes itching and rashes on the skin. 

 CITY LIFE + POLLUTION =  Bullied Skin that results in-

  1. Dehydration 
  2. Dryness
  3. Dullness
  4. Dark spots

 So what should be done to save our skin from being bullied by these 4 city dons?  Pack our bags and shift to the countryside? As much as this idea seems enticing, its practicality is not possible for many of us. Therefore, we need to find alternatives for protecting and healing our skin while we live in the city that is chemical-free and an effective anti-pollution shield. 

 Keeping in mind the growing skin problems being caused due to excessive pollution which get aggravated because of chemical products, Aaryanveda and Cosmetofood have developed pure Ayurvedic and organic products that shall keep your skin nourished and protected against pollution.

 We aim to bring the best of natural ingredients back into our daily lives as we understand that nature’s goodness is irreplaceable. Following are some of our products that have been formulated with authentic and eco-cert certified ingredients that can gives relief to our skin and lets it breathe freely- 

  1. Cosmetofood Apple and Raspberry Oil balancing cleanser 

Blended with apple extracts and raspberry oil this cleanser is a natural power pack for fighting with stress and pollutants. This cleanser acts as a shield by blocking free radicals and activates intercellular communication which improves skin texture and prevents skin ageing. 

  1. Cosmetofood Vitamin E enriched Olive Scrub 

A combination of olive oil and vitamin E which is further mixed with Magnesium Aspartate and Zinc Gluconate this scrub is one of a kind as it is loaded with powerful antioxidants that reduces the tensions over the skin caused because of pollution. 

  1. Cosmetofood Soap Free Moisturising Multi-Grain Exfoliant

This exfoliant that ensures deep exfoliation of the skin. Made with Almond oil, olive leaf extract and chickpeas making it a powerful natural anti-pollution package. It removes impurities, restores life in the skin and shields the skin from free radical stress that our skin encounters daily. 


  1. Cosmetofood Basil, Cinnamon and Charcoal polishing mask

Using a mask is integral in face care regime as it rejuvenates the face and restores life in it that gets blocked due to the pollutants. Basil, Cinnamon and Charcoal have been identified as three powerful anti-pollution ingredients that actively deep cleanses the facial pores while moisturising the skin and bringing life into it.  

  1. Pollutend Anti-Pollution Cleansing Milk


Formulated with the goodness of pure Eco-cert and Halal certified Ayurveda and natural ingredients like Jambiri Nimbu, Cucumber and Ghritkumari this cleansing milk is an effective solution to clean away all the toxins embedded deep in the pores of our skin. The Cleansing milk has been specifically curated keeping in mind to heal the skin as well as make it soft and non-greasy, therefore with enhanced nature’s goodness, it is sulphate and paraben-free, making it a trustworthy and effective natural protector of your skin.  

  1. Pollutend Face Wash

To get a thorough and effective cleansing of the face, without any chemical exposure Aaryanveda’s Pollutend Face wash is a perfect choice. Formulated with pure Gold Dust and Olive leaf extract, this face wash effectively removes all the dirt from the pores, enabling the facial skin to breathe again. 

Thus, escaping pollution may not be an easy choice but saving our skin with nature’s goodness is possible even in the city therefore, next time when you step out of the house worry less about your skin getting bullied because of pollutions as Aaryanveda and Cosmetofood have got your skin to keep it protected and happy, naturally.

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