With these Ayruvedic herbs on duty you are bound to be a patakha beauty

Try these 6 DIYs with Ayurvedic herbs to glam up for this festive season 

The festive season is around the corner for the entire world, be it Diwali in India or Christmas in America, we all are gearing up our special festivals. Though, this year the festivals won't be celebrated with crackers/ patakhas as the government has banned it but that doesn’t mean you cannot look like a patakha.

In fact, this festive season you need to look your best, be it as glowing like the fairy lights or as sparkling like a patakha, you need to make sure that you look festive ready because this year celebrating festivals with our loved ones is like a luxury and those who have the chance to it should leave no stone unturned to celebrate the festivals in the company of their loved ones by looking their best and celebrating with galore. 

Therefore,  it’s time to be high in the spirits of festivals and pump up the adrenaline rush to look the best for ourselves and our dear ones which is why we have listed here few DIY’s that shall make you look like a patakha without the scare of being banned-

  1. Face cleaning with Chickpea Flour 

Chickpea flour is a powerful natural cleanser that exfoliates the skin while making it more soft and gentle. Furthermore, chickpea contains fibre that helps in reducing breakouts while the zinc in it helps in reducing acne thus, adding chickpea to weekly facial care routine is going to enhance your glow and make your skin glow bright.

How to use it? 
Mix Chickpea flour with 1 tsp of rose water 
Add some tomato juice in it
Apply the paste gently on your face 
Let it stay on the face for 30 mins
Wash your face with water 
Do this DIY twice in a week for better results. 


  1. Face Cream with Aloe Vera 

If one says that Aloe Vera is the king of Ayurveda, it would be hard to contest because aloe vera is indeed one of the most versatile and powerful natural ingredients that can cure almost everything under the sun. If one uses aloe vera as their cream then they shall get the benefit of maintained skin tone and moisturized supple skin.

How to use it?

 Take 1 tbsp of aloe vera gel 
Add Almond oil or Vitamin-E oil (if oily skin then Almond oil can be avoided)
Add a few strands of Kesar in it (optional)
Use this cream regularly after washing your face. 


  1. Hair Mask with Triphala 

DIY’s for hair care is incomplete with Triphala as it's loaded with nutritions that can make all your hair woes disappear. Triphala is a combination of amla, haritaki and vibitika, 3 powerful hair boosters that are also effective antibacterial and antifungal. By using Triphala regularly for hair care regime one gets stimulation in follicles and roots along with a maintained pH balance that makes the scalp and hair healthy. 


How to use it?

Take 3 tbsp of Triphala powderAdd two tsp of olive oil 

Add 2 egg yolk in it 

Mix all three well and apply it on your hair

Leave it for 30 min and then wash

For best results do this twice in a month


  1. Hair oiling with Hibiscus flower 

In ayurvedic treatments, Hibiscus flower is considered as a beneficial ingredient for hair treatments as it aids in hair growth, conditioning of hair, prevents baldness and treats dandruff and itchy scalp. Therefore, including this powerful ingredient in the hair care regime is a happy treat for hair. Using Hibiscus hair oil regularly can make the hair roots strong while giving them pristine shine. 

How to use it?

  1. Take 5-7 hibiscus flower and grind them into a fine paste
  2. Heat a cup of coconut oil along with the grinded paste in it
  3. Heat the mixture for 10 minutes and let it cool down 
  4. When the paste is blended with the oil completely, massage onto the scalp for 10 minutes and let it stay for 45 minutes
  5. Wash your hair with a mild cleanser 
  6. For best results use this oil twice in a week 

  1. Complete body care with Sesame oil 

 Let's not forget that “winter is coming” too, which means that we need to take care of our whole body therefore, ayurvedic experts have suggested that Sesame oil can be very useful in handling the winter woes. Sesame oil can be used for body massages, for nasal cures and also for sore throats as it is rich in linoleic acid making it loaded with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. 

How to use it?

  1. Sniff sesame oil to lubricate and protect your nose and sinuses during winters 
  2. Mix a few drops of sesame oil with warm water and gargle to keep the mucus and tartar away from your chest and throat 
  3. Have a good relaxing massage with this oil that shall release all skin toxins while increasing blood circulation and purification. 

With a list of DIY's in hand and countdown to the festivals, we are assuming that you would be a busy person now. So grab on these ayurvedic ingredients or keep it simple by just using Aaryanveda products that can be considered as a synonym for ayurvedic herbs. Aarynaveda brings you a wide range of skin, facial and hair care products that are all developed with purest ayurvedic herbs and ayurvedic science that gives you a patakha look for all 365 days without being banned by the law.

With Aaryanveda at your side, you shall always look like a patakha celebrating life with the goodness of ayurveda and nature.

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